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Hi! This is the first Ludum Dare I've made alone. It was hard, but I'm really happy with the result. The game is very simple, but it's complete, although there is a few things more that I wanted to do.

In the game you have a small world with cells of differents types, and you have to create all the life you can with a limited number of movements and a limited time.


  • Click on a cell to create life on it
  • If you create life on a cell next to another of the same type both will create life . A cell surrounded by 3 or more cells of the same type with life will change its type and create life

For this game I've used Godot Engine (https://godotengine.org/) and the art is from Kenney (https://kenney.nl/)

Twitter: twitter.com/noisybass

GitHub: github.com/NoisyBass

Web Page: https://noisybass.github.io/

Install instructions

Just unzip the folder and excute the GiveMeLife.exe


GiveMeLife.zip 7 MB
GiveMeLifeWeb.zip 7 MB

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